Carlton Sherwood

The Carlton Sherwood
Media Award

Carlton SherwoodThe Carlton Sherwood Media Award annually recognizes both journalistic excellence and those members of the media who have shown special interest in—and dedication to—the needs and concerns of American veterans.

The award is named in honor of the highly decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Mr. Sherwood has achieved excellence in both the print and electronic media. His other reporting honors include awards from Sigma Delta Chi, the national journalistic society; the Peabody Award; the Robert F. Kennedy Prize from the Kennedy Foundation; and the Silver Gavel Award of the American Bar Association.

One of the first recipients of the Sherwood Award was ABC News Correspondent Jack Smith. He has graciously served often as Master of Ceremonies for our Annual BAVF Awards Ceremony. Not only is he a distinguished newsman and war correspondent, he is also a Vietnam combat veteran and holder of the Purple Heart. Not content to report from behind the lines, Mr. Smith has pursued his stories where the action is—whether it be in Vietnam, Cambodia, or Iran. He was awarded the Overseas Press Club Citation for Excellence in Reporting in 1967.