October 1, 2013, through September 30, 2014

The Blinded American Veterans Foundation (BAVF) continued the distribution of its telescoping “Americane,” which the Foundation researched and developed, to blinded veterans throughout the country free of charge.

The BAVF Directors continued their outreach to wounded warriors and their families at Walter Reed and Bethesda Medical Centers, in addition to veterans at the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore VA Medical Centers.  BAVF also supported funding of bingo prizes for hospitalized veterans at the VA Washington Medical Center Nursing home.

The BAVF continued its federal facility volunteer watch.  Federal facilities that were found to be inaccessible to the visually impaired and other disabled individuals were reported to the proper authorities.

The BAVF also advised the OPM Director and his staff regarding how to advance Federal employment for disabled veterans.

The BAVF Annual Board Meeting was held in conjunction with the Foundation’s Congressional Media and Volunteer Awards program and Flag Day activities.  These patriotic events, once again, gave the BAVF the opportunity to salute the flag and express appreciation to Members of Congress, the media, and volunteers who support the Foundation’s goals of Research, Rehabilitation, and Re-employment.  More than 500 veterans, their families, Members of Congress and the media participated.

During the Flag Day events, the BAVF had the opportunity to educate the general public about the new technology available to the visually impaired.

The Blinded American Veterans Foundation concluded this most successful year using its nationwide cadre of on-call volunteers who provide services in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., other U.S. sites, and to various countries.  These representatives also fielded dozens of inquiries each week from blinded and other sensory disabled veterans seeking assistance, counseling, referral, and advice — especially in the areas of veterans benefits leading to rehabilitation and re-employment.  BAVF volunteers cooperate fully with Department of Veterans Affairs Visual Impairment Service Teams, operating at minimal administrative cost.  These joint efforts outreached to more than 15,000 visually handicapped veterans and their families.

This year the president of the BAVF personally met with hundreds of blinded veterans and directors of the medical facilities, and made many recommendations for improvement in service to blinded veterans.

Each year the Blinded American Veterans Foundation (BAVF) and the Non-Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) National Defense Foundation sponsor a special project to support the Department of Veterans Affairs, Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) programs by providing grants.   In 2014 the Blinded American Veterans Foundation (BAVF) proudly announced ninety-six (96) grants valued at $500 each had been awarded to support VIST and Blinded Rehabilitation programs nationwide.

The list of VA facilities receiving BAVF Grants follows:

Arkansas:  Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System; Texarkana, AR Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC); Veteran’s Healthcare System of the Ozarks

California:  San Francisco VA Medical Center; Eureka CBOC ( San Francisco); Santa Rosa CBOC (San Francisco); Ukiah CBOC (San Francisco)
Connecticut:  VA Connecticut Healthcare System (West Haven); VA Connecticut Healthcare System (Newington); VA Connecticut Healthcare System (Willimantic Clinic)

Georgia:  Atlanta VA Medical Center; Austell CBOC; Blairsville CBOC; Carrollton CBOC; Lawrenceville CBOC; Newnan CBOC; Stockbridge CBOC; Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

Illinois:  Illiana Health Care System

Indiana:  Roudebush VA Medical Center; VA Northern  – Fort Wayne; VA Northern Indiana  – South Bend CBOC; VA Northern Indiana  – Goshen CBOC;  VA Northern Indiana – Peru CBOC; VA Northern Indiana  – Marion CBOC; VA Northern Indiana – Muncie CBOC
Iowa:  Iowa City VA Healthcare System; VA Central Iowa Health Care System

Kentucky:  Prestonburg, KY OPC; Robley Rex VA Medical Center

Louisiana:  Alexandria VA Health Care System; Monroe CBOC; Overton Brooks VAMC

Maine:  VA Maine Health Care System

Massachusetts:  Bedford VA Medical Center; Gloucester CBOC; Haverhill CBOC

Michigan:  Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System; Battle Creek VAMC; Benton Harbor CBOC; John D. Dingell VAMC; Muskegon CBOC;  Grand Rapids CBOC;  Lansing CBOC

Minnesota:    Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Missouri:  Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital

New Hampshire:  Manchester VA Medical Center; Northampton VA Medical Center

New York:  Canandaigua VA Medical Center New York; Rochester VA Medical Center New York;

Northport VA Medical Center; NY Harbor Healthcare Brooklyn Campus; NY Harbor Healthcare St. Albans Campus; NY Harbor Healthcare  Manhattan Campus

North Carolina:  Charles George VA Medical Center; Durham VA Medical Center; W.G.(Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center

Ohio:  Chalmers P. Wylie Outpatient Clinic; Cleveland VA Medical Center; Galloipolis, OH OPC

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City VA Medical Center

Oregon:  Portland VA Medical Center; Portland VA Medical Center (Camp Rilea Clinic); Portland VA Medical Center (Bend CBC); VA Southern Oregon – White City ;
VA Southern Oregon – Grants Pass OPC; VA Southern Oregon – Klamath Falls OPC

Pennsylvania:  Erie VA Medical Center; Lebanon VA Hospital; Pittsburgh VA Medical Center; VA Butler Healthcare

Rhode Island:  Providence VA Medical Center

South Carolina:  Charleston VA Medical Center

South Dakota:  Sioux Falls VA Medical Center

Tennessee:  Mountain Home VAMC (Johnson City); Mountain Home VAMC (Knoxville OPC)

Texas:  Big Spring VA Medical Center; Longview, TX CBOC; VA  Lubbock Outpatient Clinic

Virginia:  Salem Virginia VA Medical Center

Washington:  Spokane VA Medical Center; VA Puget Sound Healthcare System – Tacoma, Washington

West Virginia:  Charleston, WVA OPC ; Huntington, West Virginia VA Medical Center;
Lenore, WVA OPC


In addition, the Foundation awarded thousands of dollars to projects that help wounded warriors.

The Board of Directors of the Blinded American Veterans Foundation are John Fales, Silver Spring, MD, President; Dennis Wyant, Gainesville, FL, Secretary; and Don Garner, West Haven, CT, Treasurer.  The Foundation has no paid staff and the members of its Board of Directors receive no compensation.