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Dear Sgt Shaft I was awarded a Medal for Services in Suwon Korea in 1969-1970.  I never actually received it. Can I apply to receive it now?  Thank

Dear Sgt Shaft What is has happened to the VA employees responsible for the huge cost overruns at the New Denver VA Medical Facility? Carl L Via the internet.

Dear Sgt Shaft I understand that the Undersecretary for the Veterans benefits Administration, Allison hickey has resigned. What’s led up to her departure?

Dear Sgt Shaft Have any members of Congress voiced their concerns about VA health care? Richard S Silver Spring, MD Dear Richard Representative Gus Bilirakis

Dear Sgt Shaft Are there any major changes being proposed in legislation affecting veteran’s programs? W N Via the internet Dear WN Majority Leader

Dear Sgt Shaft My name is John C .I am a patient in the Veterans health. My clinic is in Evansville, Indiana our hospital which oversees our clinic is

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