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  • P.O. Box 65900 Washington, D.C. 20035-5900
  • 202-670-1038

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Dear Sgt Shaft Are you aware of any new developments concerning veteran’s preference? Len G Via the internet Dear Len The Veterans of Foreign Wars of

Dear Sgt. Shaft, On behalf of all our blinded veterans of the Greater Los Angeles area we thank you for your assistance with the soon to arrive ScripTalk

Dear Sgt Shaft What programs are available to paralyzed veterans? Richard M Via the internet Dear Richard That’s a rather broad question, but I know

Dear Sgt Shaft A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with ALS.  He was an honorably discharged veteran following four years of active duty. Is he eligible

Dear Sgt. Shaft I need to know what to do. I am wheelchair bound from a service connected disability. I have a HUD VASH voucher but I don’t see

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