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Dear Sgt Shaft I am trying to get ALL Honorably discharged veterans a Military INACTIVE ID card so we can enjoy the benefits of entering a Naval, Army,

Dear Sgt Shaft What impact do you think sequestration will have on this year’s budget for veteran’s benefits and what is being done to protect our

Dear Sgt Shaft What are VA and other organizations doing to address the high incidence of suicides among veterans? Andrew B Via the internet Dear Andrew

Dear Sgt Shaft I understand that Congressman Carter released a statement concerning the recent shootings of Marines  in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Are you

Dear Sgt Shaft I understand that recent changes have been made to liberalize the regulations pertaining to the presumption of exposure to Agent Orange.

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I recently left the Navy as a nuclear submarine officer. I am looking forward to becoming a member of a military service organization.

Dear Sgt Shaft My name is Lynn and I was recently medically retired from the Air Force and now represent United Health Care (UHC). I have a great passion

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I am a legally blind Veteran who currently gets most of my prescriptions filled at a DOD Pharmacy, i.e. Randolph Air force Base, TX.

Dear Sgt Shaft; I’m 75, my husband passed away in 2011. He was 78. I remarried in Sept 2014. My question is; Do I still have Tricare for life or

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