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  • P.O. Box 65900 Washington, D.C. 20035-5900
  • 202-670-1038

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Dear Sgt Shaft Do you know if any of the veteran’s services organizations are sponsoring any scholarship programs? Jerry W Via the internet Dear Jerry

Dear Sgt Shaft I filed an appeal and a reviewer stated to me that I should contact my friend in Washington DC. The reviewer found the medical records

Dear Sgt Shaft My name is Lynn and I was recently medically retired from the Air Force and now represent United Health Care (UHC). I have a great passion

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I am a legally blind Veteran who currently gets most of my prescriptions filled at a DOD Pharmacy, i.e. Randolph Air force Base, TX.

Dear Sgt Shaft VA has taken care of all my claims but one that was denied. I had filed a claim for IU and they sent me for an exam, and didn’t even

Dear Sgt. Shaft I am a Veteran and current graduate student at Washington State University (Community Counseling Program), who is carrying out a survey

Dear Sgt. Shaft, It has been well over a year since I filed my notice of disagreement with the VA over my TBI and I have yet to hear anything at all from

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I watch the terrible stories on the news about VA officials keeping secret waiting lists and Vets are dying while waiting for an appointment.

Dear Sgt. Shaft, I’ve been reading your column on military.com. I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction. I am a totally and Permanently

Dear Sgt. Shaft, Please answer my question. If a surviving spouse remarries after age 65, will that spouse be able to retain Tricare for Life or will

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