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Dear Sgt. Shaft I hear that it is almost impossible to fire a VA employee.  Is that correct? Jeff V Via the Internet Dear Jeff According to Dr. David

Dear Sgt Shaft With so many of our nation’s veterans committing suicide, in spite of the many programs that are available to them, what is being done

Dear Sgt. Shaft I served in the US MARINE Corps from 1960-1966 and was honorably discharged. I would like to know how I go about the process to make

Dear Sgt Shaft We need your help. My name is Synclair Henry and I am emailing to inform you about the Disabled Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, offered

Dear Sgt Shaft Have you heard anything about new members being appointed to the VA Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans? Jenifer R Via the internet

Dear Sgt Shaft I heard via the grape vine that The VA is expanding eligibility for VA benefits  for veterans that were stationed at Camp LeJune.  Do

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