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Dear Sgt Shaft I understand that when I reach 65, I will need to obtain Medicare parts A & B to maintain my TFL since Prime goes away. My spouse is

Dear Sgt Shaft Are there any new programs of concern to women veterans? Nancy K Via the internet Dear Nancy The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA)

Dear Sgt Shaft I am trying to get ALL Honorably discharged veterans a Military INACTIVE ID card so we can enjoy the benefits of entering a Naval, Army,

Dear Sgt Shaft What are VA and other organizations doing to address the high incidence of suicides among veterans? Andrew B Via the internet Dear Andrew

Dear Sgt. Shaft, You have highlighted many organizations who have helped our wounded military personnel.  Can you recommend another organization which

Dear Sgt Shaft I recently read a story which has a quote has a quote in it that suggests the VA is making hard copies of records so veterans can get combat-related

Dear Sgt Shaft We seem to be having difficulty obtaining Scriptalk printers for 3 of our VA pharmacy locations within the Greater Los Angeles area. The

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